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al terms. We took another steady step along the path of building a mod

erately prospero▓us society in all respects. Events again proved that no difficulties or ob

stacles can impede the course of the gre▓at rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The past year was tr▓uly extraordinary and inspiring. We held a grand celeb▓ration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of New Chin▓a. The outstanding achievements w

e made in that time have greatly boosted the confidence and pride of the people, strengthened the cohesiveness of the Chinese nation, and raised China's international sta

nding and inf▓luence. All this definitely encourages us to continue to forge ahead on t

ps fortified their c

he path of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Over the last year, w

onfidence, tackled dif

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e mainly undertook th▓e following work. 1. Strengthening and improving ma

ficulties head o

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cro-c▓ontrol and promoting steady and rapid economic develo▓pment. We ca

n, worked tenaci

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quickly reversed the slowdown in econ▓omic growth. We

osable income of▓ u
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vigorously expanded consumer spending. Our policies to encou

of rural residents was 5,153 yuan, up 9.8%
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rage consumption covered more areas, we▓re stronger a

and 8.5% respectively in re
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